Walking on the middle path, tasting honey in the difficult times.

GDP ≠ Happiness

i got this video from my mailbox, one of my Dhamma friend, now a president of the fellowship. its his usual practice of sharing good stuff with everyone. But only once or twice i click on his links. This one, is really worth my 17 minutes. Simply WOW, couldnt imagine this being a topic out there. I only got his simple message in his talk. Money isnt everything and washing toilets can be a happy job. And i reflected on it.

Now, it seems like money is everything. Especially here, in Singapore. Getting so much alike tokyo, everything is getting dense, overpopulated, intense life and country full of haywire people. i guess as we expand our housing settlements, we should think about imh too. I thought singaporeans are used to seeing changes in the country, despite only 45 years of independence, we achieved so much. And we (every generation) all grow up seeing things change, buildings dissapearing and playgrounds becoming places for our elderly to roam around and sleep.

All this stuff for a better life.

The point of bringing foreign talents in is to build up the competitiveness in the country. HMM, cheap labour and goods, more faithful vietnam and chinese wifes and cheaper dowry. But i think we’ll become forced to give up being passionate in our stuff. and that will become a rarity in future. We should work for our dreams and not for money.

hmm, maybe we should start asking ourself what our happiness really is. I know people will start saying things like, “yeah but without money you also cannot do anything what”, it is/is it true? i see minds being influenced and distorted by the fake reality, and minds are no longer questioning and reflecting now. Because they’re always busy. Doing things that they never liked, but have being used too and now forgotten, thats where the new truth is created. Reality and being practical is two different thing.

I think the more advance the world goes, the more we want to go back to nature. Thats foresightness. 🙂

I am a rarity now.. i guess.


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